Registering a corporation overseas can be a complex and challenging process, with wide ranging commercial laws and regulations, expensive legal fees, and cumbersome reporting procedures. The majority of offshore registries are based on English common law, and are operated by slow moving governments that are often using outdated technologies or paper based systems. We believe that starting a business should be more intuitive and universally accessible, and that founders and business owners should be able to access these services virtually, regardless of their country of origin.

To address these issues, we propose a global digital corporate registry system for the 21st century, capable of evolving to meet the changing requirements of businesses and institutions in the future. This system will streamline procedures, prioritize privacy protection, and potentially establish the groundwork for future trusted transactions among global businesses.

X Corporations are based on best-in-class legal frameworks, starting with Delaware C-Corporations. Future entities will be able to migrate to their existing documents with ease and take advantage of the benefits of a modern, digital first offshore registry with minimal fees. With over 1 million offshore entities currently registered, we aspire to create a leading worldwide alternative for entrepreneurs and business owners.

X Corporations Features:

- Paperless - 100% digital, engineered for maximum efficiency/simplicity

- On-chain incorporation options (Immutable record, tamper-proof)

- Designed for modern globally distributed corporations

- Access to all global citizens passing KYC/AML

- Fees/taxes paid in FIAT or digital currencies

- Digital Bank Accounts

- Range from pseudonymous to public/transparent entities (optional to the corporation)

- Embedded services marketplace (legal, accounting)

- Virtual address, virtual corporate email and profile page

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