⛓️Ledger of Record

Attestations for X Corporations can be written to a permissionless blockchain, enabling an immutable record store of the history of a given corporation. Such documentation may consist of information sourced from the X Corporations API, serving as verifiable evidence of a corporation's registration date, jurisdiction of registration, and attestations conferred by either the corresponding jurisdiction or other reputable third-party organizations.

X Corporations will publish to permissionless blockchains selected for their robust infrastructure and high integrity governance.

These principles can later be applied to internal corporate dealings, creating the environment for maximally trusted corporate governance, previously unseen in the business world.

β€œOn-chain incorporation will turn corporate charters into code.

Every shareholder vote will be performed via digital wallets.

Every liquidation waterfall will be expressed as a function.

The nation states that first recognize on-chain vehicles will be advantaged as domiciles.”

- Balaji Srinivasan

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