🤝Trust Systems

A key element of the X Corporations platform will be the concept of “Trusted Authorities”. These are entities such as government agencies and approved stakeholders that are given the ability to digitally certify and validate information, whether it be licenses, registrations, payments, or certifications.

Verified Trusted Authorities (validators) and service providers will be able to dynamically interact with X Corporations on the platform. Companies can engage with these Trusted Authorities or service providers in the X Corporations portal.

The higher the reputation of Trusted Authorities in the real world, the higher the value of their certification in the X Corporations network. Civic institutions can build trust within business ecosystems by enabling Trusted Authorities from the real world to digitally verify information about companies.

Triangulating Trust:

Digital attestations from different “Trusted Authorities” can be tagged to a company profile (X Corporations ID). As data is added from different sources, a higher-resolution image of each entity will emerge, enabling a corporation to establish an immutable track record and build credibility and trust over time.

To ensure the validity of data entered on the network, Trusted Authorities will be provided with encrypted hardware for key civic administration officials to securely interact with the application, view system data and access revenue streams.

The X Corporations system is envisioned as a vertically integrated trusted system, beginning from root access to sovereign partners, through clearly defined legal structures with modern technology and financial systems to support them. We expect this stack to provide a viable alternative to traditional paper based systems from legacy jurisdictions and create new opportunities for companies and business owners to maximize their global opportunities in fast paced modern business environments. The system is designed to be extropic in nature, creating ample room for network developed innovations built on top that support and enhance the underlying base system.

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