♾️X Corporations API

X Corporation entity owners will be able to toggle from their dashboard the level of information they are willing to share publicly. This data can be made available to external parties via an API at the discretion of the business owner and/or according to rules set by a given jurisdiction.

API Data Fields:

Entity Name: Hello World Inc.

Name of the corporate entity

XCorp ID: XCPA73829

Universal corporate entity identifier

Entity Class: C-Corp

Identifier for corporate entity class, e.g. C-Corp, LLC, DAO, etc.

Jurisdiction: PA

Which jurisdiction this entity is registered

Entity Creation Date: 2023/05/05

Timestamp of entity creation date

Jurisdiction Status: Active

Status from trusted authorities of a given jurisdiction, e.g. Active/Suspended/Dead

Registered Agent: RA4558796

Agent identifier code

Registered Agent Contact:

Contact information for registered agent

KYC Check: Verified

Whether the company has completed KYC checks on X Corporations

Sanctions Check: Clear

Whether the company has completed sanctions checks on X Corporations

PEP Check: Clear

Whether the company has completed politically exposed person checks on X Corporations

TA Certifications: None

Any additional attestations or certifications issued by trusted authorities

Digital banking partners will be able to natively access client data with permission of the X Corporation owner, streamlining the banking onboarding process, and providing greater assurance to the authenticity of the corporation and its claims.

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